2nd Street in Belmont Shore (Long Beach) gets some sweet shared lanes!

Ok, so not a ride report (but hopefully I’ll have a new one up soon!), but a welcome development. Coming back to Belmont Shore (Long Beach), I see this:

From 2009-06-25 – Belmont Shore – 2nd Street – New Bike Lanes!
From 2009-06-25 – Belmont Shore – 2nd Street – New Bike Lanes!

What is this all about? Oh, this:

From 2009-06-25 – Belmont Shore – 2nd Street – New Bike Lanes!
From 2009-06-25 – Belmont Shore – 2nd Street – New Bike Lanes!

Cool looking lanes and definitely distinct enough to make drivers notice. Of course, half the time traffic is so thick that it will slow you down on your bike, but that’s another story…

Cool to see; here’s hoping they paint some more around Long Beach!

Edit: I wonder if this will be slick in the rain..

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  • Carmen July 14th, 2009 at 4:41 pm #1

    great new development. it will be interesting to see how the drivers react.
    good question to regarding whether it will be slick in the rain. Watch out!


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